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This blend of sugar cookie and almond is sure to curb any bakery craving. Smooth and perfectly sweetened with notes of brown sugar and butter. Mouthwatering to say the least!
This isn’t your everyday average strawberry cheesecake. It’s sweet strawberry jam resting atop a bed of cheesecake. It has a light cheesecake hint that’s not overpowering and brings the strawberry to the forefront.
Have you ever had a London Fog? This is an exact replica of one. Its sweet, creamy custard base is driven by that subtle hint of Earl Grey tea. Now don’t be thrown off by the Earl Grey, it is the signature touch to this mix and makes it super unique and extremely tasty!
Here is that mystery hand check flavour everyone has been talking about! Get ready for some intense, in-your-face, explosive flavour that keeps delivering punches throughout the entire vape. This is a wet, sweet vape that is powered by cactus! The best part about this sweet mix is how clean it is. Your cotton will last you days, not hours!
True to its roots, this is a rich salted caramel with hints of vanilla and sweet tones of butterscotch, sure to impress. This blend is perfectly sweet and salty. You get a creamy, rich, thick caramel on the inhale and the vanilla tones burst out on the exhale, leaving a salty taste on your lips to top it all off.
The thought of pistachios in your ice cream doesn't sound appealing, right? One taste of this and you will re-think that theory. This is a sweet and thick vape that is refreshing and very creamy. Just the perfect amount of coolness to make it taste exactly like ice cream without the calories!

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